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Trecastagni, Etna, Sicily, Italy


The historic cellar of Biondi is found on the South East slope of Etna in the town of Trecastagni. Ciro and Stef Biondi have continued the work that his family started in the 1800s. They own 3 vineyards which surround an old Palmento in the centre of the town.

Despite this area being better known historically, there are fewer established producers here. The wines produced here tend to be a paler colour for the Nerello Mascalese and a finer structure. There are 3 single vineyard wines produced: Pianta, Cisterna Fuori and San Nicolo. They also produce Outis Etna Bianco and Rosso which are both elegant and fine expressions of Etna.


Biondi are in the town of Trecastagni which is found on the South East Slope of Etna.


It may seem counterintuitive but the wines on the South slopes seem to have more finesse and elegance than those on the north.


Volcanic soils around 650m above sea level comprising of 3 single vineyards.

Finer, elegant wines from the South East slope of Etna.

Outis Bianco
Outis Rosso
Cisterna Fuori
San Nicolo