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Dogliani and Barolo, Piedmont, Italy

Azienda Agricola Gillardi

Situated in the Dogliani DOCG appellation, just south of the Barolo area, the Gillardi family has lived in Farigliano since 1928. Giacomo, born in France in 1905, had returned to his homeland with the clear intention of working this land having gained viticulture experience in the Côtes du Rhône. In the past, the Dolcetto grapes grown at Cascina Cursalet had been sold to other winemakers; from 1980 on, however, the Cascina bottled its own production. The property comprises roughly 7 hectares of vineyard, positioned with a complete southern-facing exposure, along the imposing hillside of the Tanaro river valley. The clay-rich soil, typically a whitish colour due to the high quantities of limestone, can also display irregular areas of marl. In several parts of the Cursalet vineyards, one can catch a glimpse of small granules of silica accompanied by a consistency that is lighter than its typical clay-rich soil. In these two areas, as in the slightly more sandy and well-draining soil of the Harys vineyard, it is possible to produce exceptional wines; these vineyards display a superb natural balance. In absolute respect of nature the Gillardi family work the land without the use of herbicides, using only minimal amounts of copper and sulphur to defend against parasites and other insects.

A modern approach respecting and embracing traditional values.

The upper part of the cellar is dedicated to the reception of the grapes in stainless steel tanks. For those wines that undergo a longer maceration period, small glazed cement tanks are still used providing a natural control of the temperature during fermentation. The wine arrives in the underground cellar by gravity. Here, metal cages filled with stones keep the humidity at above 60%, optimal conditions for the preservation of wooden barrels.


In the Tanaro river valley, just south of the Barolo area in the Dogliani DOCG appellation.


Continental climate, long winters and warm summers moderated by the Tanaro river.


Clay-rich soil, with high quantities of limestone.

Maestra Dolcetto Dogliani
Cursalet Dolcetto Dogliani
Fiore di Harys Langhe Rosso
Il Merlo
Langhe Nebbiolo
Barolo Vignane